Get up from where the sun is low
and the quiet contemplatives
waste their days and be amazed
at what is going on around you.
Don’t answer any phone calls
let it ring though so they know
you aren’t hiding.

Stop reading and watching the news
at the same time while the CD player
shuffles all your albums.
Instead just learn everything
by finding out yourself.
Ignore the hole in the ceiling
with the brand new pairs
of shoes all hanging down.
I assure you that is normal
in this town.

The homeless hoard time like a dragon
hoards what shines in all our pockets.
I think they both have their merits
like how water and stone are seamlessly
connected through their differences.
If this is nothing and today is just
imaginary color splashes mixing in
with sound, and all these things that
I’ve collected with these labels
I’ve been given are illusion,
I still don’t think I’d ever want to leave.

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