Return Of The Well Hidden

A blast of thunder woke Bill violently from his sleep and his forehead collided with the wooden boards that were just inches above his face. After letting out a series of expletives he moved his eyes around to see that he was sleeping in the dirt beneath something. He could see a band of faint […]

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The Voracious Beagle

Danielle could feel the cold ground through her shoes, and it wasn’t until she saw the building again that she understood what she was in for. The Voracious Beagle stood on that corner for decades, and just a year ago Danielle thought she left its embrace for good. She crossed the empty street outside the […]

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Number 36

There were three people left on bus 36 as it was making its last stops for the night. The lights above the seats buzzed like summer insects, and one of them was burnt out leaving the back few rows in a dark void. One of the passenger’s names was Helen and she worked at a […]

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Ned didn’t remember what it was like to wake up every morning and not want to bash his head into every sharp corner in his small unimpressive house. He had been feeling this urge much more powerfully recently ever since his boss called him into his office and told him he was on thin ice. […]

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Talk Back If You Can

Hector’s eyes squinted at the bright blue light pouring out of his phone screen, and he found a text from Bethany. “I don’t know what to do.” She said to him over miles of space and particles. He didn’t know how to respond. The two of them had only started speaking to each other because […]

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