Nothing New

Kids dressed for funerals they’ve never been to rake leaves under orders from their parents who just want them doing anything productive. A group of smokers argue about football while passing matches back and forth and making motions with their slowly staining hands. A younger kid from further down the sidewalk sits on a skateboard, […]

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Lost Charter

Plastic bottle wind chimesand a day that can’t decideif it is cold or not. Impressions in the melting blacktoplinger longer than the cycleof the sun.Still afraid of everyonethey wait insidewhere everything is barely put together.The shotgun shells on the fold out tableare forgotten about and blendinto the background.No one picks them up when they arekicked […]

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It still feels like summerin the middle of the fall,and I want it all to add upperfect so there are nohanging questions leftto answer.People sit in lawn chairs,like a party, outside leasingoffices in hopes of getting themto recognize the renthas all been spenton something different.Old houses stand outsolidly among the newand while too few of […]

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Bad Ideas

Today it’s raining outand they are trying to repaintthe fading road lineswhich refuse to just infuseinto the surface.She looks at him sleepingby the window while the sweaterin her grip unfolds itselfwith both her armsand both her hands. A bird black like the cornersof the apartment pecksat the side of the buildingfrom its perch up onthe […]

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A brown winter coat is missing half a sleeveand from where we’re standingit almost seems like it is wavingfrom the wire it is hanging from.The sounds of erratic power drillsconnect things together on the weekendwhen the neighborhood rebuildswhat it has broken.The buses sound like giant catsand hiss at all the passengerswaiting in the morning grayto […]

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