The Visitor

Trailer parks are monuments to rusted chrome. Flaking aluminum peeling like paint off the sides of tear shaped homes. “I want you to come over.” She said to him wrapping the red phone cord around her fist so tight it almost made it numb. The whole place thought that she was dumb, but the truth […]

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The unknowns do their best work with outdated software, while most people wouldn’t know what they were looking at. Comic book shops and computer cafes all a buzz with conversations about different worlds. Maybe this has all been preparation? The late night echoes in tired minds that haven’t been to sleep for several days. The […]

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Precious Pictures

A man jumped off the bridge that lead from the highway into town. There were soccer games going on at the park in its shadow. He face planted into the concrete path like a drunk kid into a pool. From the neck down the body stuck out of the ground in a puddle made from […]

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A cabinet of mugs all painted with the logos of brands and cartoon characters spawned before the decade. Coffee like oil for biological machines that chug it down in swigs that make their teeth a darker color matching splintered boards. Staying awake is the only concern. While dreams break through reality in the form of […]

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Last Day of Autumn

Blue tablets oval shaped to go down as easy as possible. Their job was to make it so Lina and Jim didn’t get too excited around each other. The corporate printed books in their graffiti covered lockers were so much more important than any feelings. Still there was a glow around the rim of their […]

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