The basement was like a colder world underneath the happy house. The attic was a different conversation. The way she tore her room apart was all she had to keep the pictures in their frames. The shadows on her white wall were more vivid than the posters in between them. They looked like all the […]

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Trench coat wearing grandfathers pull their gloves around their wrists it’s getting colder and they’re only getting older. Bad news is circulated through the loud speakers in the main square, it is decorated for a holiday, and no one wants their Friday morning fucked with. Thieves lean against the alley wall and prey on easy […]

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Without Hope

Giant robots on T.V. as a distraction just to lock the doors while every parent goes and tries to kill their morning hangover. Of the multiple routes they could take they choose the ones that get them even drunker, and have fist fights in the streets throughout the subdivision. The desperate trying to get to […]

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Old Fables

A carving of a woman’s torso in the red metal that makes up the bathroom stall explains to kids on car rides what their parents always hide behind old fables. The scary parts of life always sneak up on people now appearing as a glitch in the illusion. Like looking through a tinted window at […]

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Long Forgotten Skies

Plastic crates nailed together made up the legs of the table. I remember them from when I opened up my eyes after a night of little sleep there in the winter. Getting up early was worth it for the people just passing through, there was so much to do between the house up on the […]

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