A flooded elevator shaft taken over by fish with their dead motionless eyes. The fancy carpet laden with floral imagery, and the Art Deco door frames now fading away into dull featureless wreckage. A hole in the wall tavern where the city would gather and express its angst in vulgar conversations, tight dresses, and music […]

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A Take On Things, To Take Or Leave

No one is thinking about you. That isn’t something to be upset about. They are all caught up with themselves like spiders stuck in their own webs. The way they struggle against the thread still looks like they’re coming after you, but again, they aren’t, so don’t be afraid. Resentful thoughts and imaginary arguments are […]

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Blades on her hips, she runs her hand along the red tall grass that’s slowly dying from the cooling air. She lets down her hair to keep her ears warm. Headed for a town with a famous statue of a goddess, to buy some drinks, and to sleep somewhere comfortable. Howls like ghosts from the […]

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Missed Phone Calls

I let the phone ring and feel guilty, paralyzed, and tired. I find faces in the mold on the ceiling tiles. None of them are happy. Some would claim we’re never forced to make excuses. That our lives are like self cut canyons and as the rain we can make them any shape we want. […]

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Fish Tank

She had a fish tank in her room with a green light tinting the water. The fish didn’t know where they came from. They were the kind of orphans without even the slightest conception of their parents, and in a way that made it easier. There were three of them among the fake vegetation, and […]

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Particle Comparison

Decaying Pontiacs and Toyotas parked diagonally out of apathy. Dead grass and stray plastic bags no one wants to chase after. The time that passes is not sand in a segmented jar, it is arbitrary particle comparison. Getting paid to be afraid I look at the sky as I walk into another institution, another place […]

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History of the World

Piles of books stacked crooked next to blue dumpsters with a cartoon snake, painted yellow looking confused, above the name of the disposal company. The covers of the tomes saturated with prisms of all the basic shapes signifying math, and the others were laden with globes to denote the history of the world. A girl […]

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