Everything is together but the notebooks are full of loose pieces of paper that gradually fall further away from their initial importance. The drinking fountains are full of crumbs that swell to exaggerated sizes blocking the drain, and providing a less appealing view for those lining up to get a drink. In the mornings they […]

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The small trees they planted, to try and regrow the shade, bend like plastic straws in the heavy gusts from the East. They waste time playing chess on back porches that line up almost exactly with the arguments they have about what makes them angry. New organs are dropped on door steps by hovering drones, […]

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Voluntary Wilderness

Unlocking doors with chicken bones, and the man who sits under the archway with his dead eyes tells people who talk to him that he used to spend his nights walking the streets; beating people up for their money. Sleeping in passenger seats of cars is becoming a new standard for people. Wanderers who wear […]

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Stair cases break falls when they need to. The lines on the road are never perfect, but get the job done in spite of everything. Everyone is just a congested pair of nostrils this time of year. Spending numerous minutes of their free time just trying to breath right so they can sleep. A young […]

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Shift Break

The unfortunate unload heavy boxes from the backs of trucks you see on the highway with extremely detailed graphics running down their sides. This one in particular has the image of a family eating dinner and staring in awe at the pieces of fried chicken they can’t believe cost so little. A man on break […]

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Cold water crawling over bare feet. Eating the heat in collaboration with the air. An unknown bag camouflages itself in the weeds, full of money, and metal, and the kind of glass that melts into the shapes you provide for it. Something else, with eyes that see more clearly in the dark, looks us over […]

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Running rampant they tear the banners down from the street poles that claim we are the city of trees. They pile them all up in a circle of stones and using lighter fluid incinerate their meaning. Unlucky birds are picked off of telephone wires by drunk college kids with BB guns. They flatten aluminum cans […]

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