People ignore what they don’t want to handle. Like small things their friends say that worry them, or the empty buildings that grow ever more common, moving closer by the day to where you find yourself. One day the tide will be amplified by the narrow spaces between coastal skyscrapers that only the insane will […]

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Ice Time

A collapsed fire pit made out of broken cinder blocks is surrounded by empty containers nobody cared to gather. The wind spreads all the refuse through the streets. Patio seating where flies go swimming in stout beers and are dissolved by all the alcohol so the drinker just tastes the carnage as part of the […]

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Something Easy To Look At

Concrete leaves decorate the stone work around the fountain and the archways above the doors, but all cosmetics end where the building meets the sidewalk. Things are put places by something even if it’s happenstance. Old cars made of thicker metal, with tires so much paler than the ones we put on minivans and buses, […]

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Broken statues kicked over in the chaos of the graveyard. A funeral turned violent concluding with bruised necks and broken fists. The ring on her finger barely fit and she watched all the blood flood away until she couldn’t feel anything. She liked the numbness, it was something else to focus on. She tried to […]

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Piles of cables that no longer fit into the slots of the tools as intended. Clogged veins beyond repair between the heart. Heavy lifting through crowds that are proud of their failure. They wave their flags and cannot tell the difference. The sound of fists against the hollow metal ceiling makes you think you’re in […]

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