New reservoir(Golden Age)

We have to reach between the thingsthat we’re addicted to like couch cushionswrapped around some quarters you’d beensaving in your pocket.There aren’t many choicesin that vending machine, but in spiteof everything that soda you hear tumblethrough the mechanism finds youunafraid to see your options.Imagine the textures of mountainsideswhen looking past the pastelat the picture you […]

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Rip the wings off of a butterflyand make a stained glass messon all your finger tipsbelow these power lineswhere everything is leaving.Let the vodka in her crystal glassdistract you from the angel paintingseverywhere; all looking downand holding in the sound.Watch the moss grow onthe cellphone towerbirds live in by peckingthrough the metal.A generation of broken […]

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Sorry if this bothers youin your casual poseatop a freezing tombstonewhere the crows hold onto crooked branchesbending inlike they were capturedby a vortex. The apple cores stickout the most with hints of redcaught in the trash pilesleft for days out there.Cardinals watch the ruinedfields where everythingthat grew was cut apartto test the sharpnessof the silver […]

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Low Sun

I smoke a little on the heavy sideand predict the almost certaindeadweight downfall like a statue droppedfrom a balcony no one is standing on.I don’t want to make friendsby sculpting their faces with twohooked thumbs that slowly work opentheir eyes, I’d rather say somethingsort of funny in a morbid kind of way,and hear them laugh […]

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The cowboy picks the pistol upand points it at himself caught inthe mirror of some hotel roomwhere the Bible on the nightstandreads itself out loud to blind men,and always skips over the boring partsto keep them. After the concrete roughness cuts openboth the knees of young ones beggingfor their chance to get awaywith what they […]

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