I want to forget the shapes of carsand curving off ramps that get clusteredby the desperate trying to make itwhere they’re late to in the morningwhen the radio gets by through barely talking.What day will the insects die out this yearif they manage to? They pierce our crumbledbounties with their mandibles like scythesthat cut the […]

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Bad T.V. shows get endless episodesand block the sight lines at the airportwhere you can cough into a napkinand get tackled by security for almostevery single reason you can think of.I support that in a way I guessbecause who wants more peoplemore places? It’s crowded enoughalready and getting more and moreclosed in with every New […]

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Train yards scream with droning soundsthat wash over everythingand common coupes speed by notnoticing the stop signs.The wire from the radio to the iPod classicI have pirated my entire life’s soundtrackonto doesn’t sync up right and is staticwhen I’m driving over concrete gapsthat stop me where I’m at.I look around and all I see is […]

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Awkward Heaven

I give up on the graveyards I’ve reducedmy barren mind to just to copewith all the smoke instead of fire.I don’t know where the ticking is butsomewhere in the hallway walls are bombsI haven’t dug enough to disarm beforethe clocks all fall to zero in that digitalyet flickering connection.Most places people go all day are […]

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The sun beats down like school yard strikesexchanged between some kidsthat no one likes enough to stopfrom making marks.Construction slows on the high schooland the grocery store because the old onesthey’re replacing are so occupiedand surrounded by the devotion ofthose breathing in the past.Still that one man with the eye patchwho has never stopped for […]

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