Behold the daily latent entertainmentthat we watch play out on our palmslike there’s a futurethere to look toward if we want to.She isn’t picky about the clothes she buys,for dollars under what everyone is paying,and never listens to what’s in right now;she figured out who she was from the get go.She doesn’t organize the inside […]

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I walked in there earlier under the awninglooking for a replacement chain for my old saw,now long gone, out in the shade of some pinesrusting from the fog. If we could make paperout of anything I would fold you upand keep you as a bookmark here caughtin between the pages with just the scarce lightfrom […]

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Concrete spinning in a tunnelon the truck like it’s a Ferris wheelor some other dumb attraction.I watch our shadows run beside uslike I’m not the one they’re chasingover hollow land they hold tightin their hands.All our lookouts have been automatedso we sleep with no one watchingbut the red light by the lensthat never flickers even […]

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Get out of the way of the tidal wave,and sit there in the sand and watch it crashwhile trying to make phone callswithout cash to even hit the ratethe payphones are obsessed with.Melt crayons against lamp bulbsso that the light is then refractedinto colors so specific in their naming.Burnt orange is a favorite of minebecause […]

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I’m not surprised about the oyster crackersgoing stale so quicklyhere wrapped up in this basketwhere the wicker weaves its wayback over everything,but I am surprised by you.You who found me heremixed in with all these business cardsand quick cash grabs for plastic.There you are with just a flashlightlooking down into the well to see the […]

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