Cleaning the dirt off of door frames with dampened paper towels just to witness all the build up over time. It takes drops of blood on the white floor to stop her from just simply leaning against the mirror. There is no one here, and the sounds of footsteps echo against the drywall even though […]

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Dark Ride

There’s a dream she had every once in a while, where for some reason she’d find herself on rails. Unable to see her own hands out in front of her, even when the lights came up and honed in on worn out animatronics in fixed locations with predetermined movements and words. Plastic skin peeled off […]

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Moving boulders from their resting places at the bottoms of rock slides to the front yards of suburban neighborhoods as decoration. Breaking ribs and chest plates she compresses violently to try and get him to breath again. Aircraft piloted with wireless controllers from the safety of empty hangers, dive straight into model buildings, to test […]

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Everything between them is wrapped around her palm like a bandanna covering a cut, or even just electrical tape, unrolled out of restless fidgeting, to distract from all the shifting in their thoughts. Glass vases shaped like inverted squids sit on dusty end tables made out of mint green glass, and they cannot help but […]

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Talk of killing in the back of a van with bad suspension while the landscape vibrates with the engine. They spit sunflower seeds into the sticky interiors of aluminum cans. At city intersections or on-ramps they see men and women with signs, beaten down by the sun and lack of sleep. Flies swarm around the […]

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Crashed space ships in the ocean, next to the bones of ancient boats, still flicker in the dark surrounded by pressure. The park is overgrown in a way that covers everything, even all the chain links in the fences. Flagpoles stand with nothing flying, and cast long shadows from the tops of hills that cut […]

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They think about the burning house, and the bus ride where they scared each other on accident. They poured into the building over top the paved sidewalk that was surrounded by mud made by the rain in all its laughter. Ugly paintings become regretful reminders and age to look much worse over time. The same […]

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