Playgrounds For Ghosts

Landscapers carry numerous gargoyle statues out of the back of their truck and place them almost haphazardly around the garden across the street. If you look closely at any carpet there’s always bits of something caught up in the vast forest of fibers. Rowdy kids with toilet paper turn entire streets into playgrounds for ghosts […]

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If You Get Sad

I have started seeing veins in my hands, just like my mothers, and they scare me. I don’t want to get older, but I’ve never been able to stop it before. It’s like the way out looks nothing like a door, but something completely different. I don’t know why I gave away the crushed up […]

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How To Sew In The Dark

She stitches together little dolls with bits and pieces of her inside them, and has bad dreams about them waking up and not knowing that they aren’t supposed to be alive. Not that it would make things better for them if they knew this information, it would mainly just make things transparent, which upon further […]

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The Fourth

Arcade machines with broken screens are stacked in piles next to a crumbling statue of some guy in old clothes. A woman raking leaves tells her son the story about how the world got to where it was, and doesn’t leave out all the details involving graphic violence. Something with seventeen eyes and twice as […]

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Red Strings

I don’t know how I’m feeling today. It’s almost like I’ve never been alive before, and all I can remember is just a dream of random fragments that have no connection. They cut the threads one at a time, and watch as it unravels itself into a pile on the floor. The mass of red […]

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Revenge And Some Fun

They broke his jaw for talking back, and left it dangling there attached only by the skin. Light vortexes of loose snow were crystal clear in the street lights, but invisible under nothing but the moon. The clock tower has become unreadable due to the neglect of it’s drunken caretaker, but it isn’t like people […]

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A girl with black hair and no one to talk to scribbles furiously in her notebook trying to coerce movement from the lines on the paper by flipping quickly through the pages. It works well after a few tries and the loosely sketched dragon devours the more detailed cow in the field, leaving puddles of […]

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