Maintaining a scarecrow by replacing the guts. They tie a belt around the bottom to keep them in. Its eyes are made of old coins from countries that haven’t existed for decades. The sun hits them at an angle giving them a shine that almost mimics yours and mine. It always feels like wasting time, […]

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The Option

Eyeless beggars can’t find the discipline to cover up, and so their empty sockets fester crusting over for everyone to see. That could never be me. We all think as we stare down into the drained river below the bridge. Skeletons of dead fish sticking out of the black dirt like gravestones. Looking anywhere else […]

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Feasting on secrets and back handed compliments, lets get them thinking things they can’t believe are true. Walking through orchards overgrown with weeds, and bushes full of worms doing their best to slowly shape shift into moths. Tea made over a fire, smells like falling asleep, and when you drink it you can breath like […]

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Guerrilla telephone pole advertising frayed roughly at the bottom to divide up phone numbers and dates. Asking pedestrians to stop for a second and consider what their life could be like if they only had a landscaping job, or finally learned how to properly play the drums. The cold is a thin gray shroud over […]

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They stop all at once and stare at you. All of their eyes look different from the varying hours of sleep between their different circumstances. They are all waiting, waiting for the bending limb to break and your voice to escape, that place you always hold it in your head. You remember seasons like this […]

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Empty chairs and crowded stair cases distribute people like water irrigating crops. Contradicting motivational posters make us wonder what exactly they think they’re growing here. Leaning against each other in the hallways to catch precious minutes of uninterrupted thought. They smoke packs a day just outside the atrium even though they always end up caught. […]

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What They Walk In

Built up like layers of rock, the empty space increases as the fire spreads. A worm without reluctance weaving its way across the landscape eating dirt until it hurts. Arbitrary value, a shell game taking prisoners by the nation. All progress just the construction of better masks, and without accountable faces every option is, in […]

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