Foggy windows are great places for lines to be drawn. The store is always running out of sunflower seeds when she needs them most. There’s always a sign on the shelf expressing how sorry they are, but they never take the time to say it to her face. White knuckles are wrapped around the railings […]

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New photographs out of yellow packaging scattered around the table. You fold one in half to take it with you and claim it’s for the spokes on your bike, but I thought that only worked with playing cards. They all know one more year of this won’t kill them, but when they go into their […]

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Unforgivable calculations fill the chalkboards. The daylight leaves the courtyard on bad terms, and doesn’t plan on returning any time soon. Silence is the best response to aggressive agitation, and can prevent even worse mistakes from being made. The buildings that they move between are shaped like hexagons, and have more windows than walls on […]

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The fine edges of the table dig into her fingers when she lifts it to see what’s been gathering there. What she finds is like a pile of corpses already starting to rot. The fraying of old wires make the machines start to think a little differently, and keep secrets like a human would. Sometimes […]

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Stuffing everything you can into a suitcase. Leaving all the motor mouthed spectators in their seats with the lights down, expecting more after the intermission, only to be disappointed. So much of the writing on the walls is about making us forget whose life we’re actually in. Like curved mirrors they distort what could be […]

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Messages on fake phones. Familiar cars in the driveway. The woman two houses down has a bad habit of taking in all kinds of strays. Kids with giant headphones stare out the school bus windows in the early mornings before the sun is up. They are pretending the music in their playlists are their theme […]

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Late May

Hanging out, walking down the narrow walkways they put on the sides of steel bridges. Going down all the hills in the neighborhood is a lot easier than making your way back up them. A bent nail is driven into old boards they salvaged to make themselves a back deck, it’s holding together just about […]

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