She cuts my hair with the set of electric clippers I ordered from a catalog I found left on a bench while I was lost. I was mostly just surprised they still made catalogs. She told me she wanted a million dogs and to raise all their pups like they were children of her own. […]

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Old footage buried in the cards it looks a lot like it was shot on something ancient. I see her by the edge of the dam looking out at all the water we are holding back with nothing but a wall. I’ve seen tornadoes skate on that horizon line like it’s supposed to be forever […]

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Results are just a mirage of an oasis you will never reach the way you now expect that you will reach it. There are pelicans there lost on their way to the salt water and ocean air. Still you stare at them and pray that they are real. What do you feel out here in […]

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The refrigerator is full but its light is broken. It always flickers when you open up the door. I saw a woman throw a paper airplane from her balcony, it did one loop in the air then slid cleanly in between the lips of a storm drain, then dissolved in all the teardrops of the […]

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We slid hacksaws across the antlers of the deer to keep them all from growing long into their eyes. The same way god will part the clouds to open up the skies. She held her head under the water rushing passed us in the stream and when she surfaced there was talk of all the […]

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