A commercial selling a commercialto the advertisement generating androidson the transport we called a trainback in the older days,when everyone was still aroundand breathing in the oxygen like fire.Another round of who’s the greatestliar takes us nowhere but the hammockin the backyard where it’s so easyjust to doze off and forget aboutthe problems that make […]

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Eat the whole bag of potato chipswith just your face,and let it slip past the thin edgesof the plastic.Waistband elastic makesme think about how Icarusis always fat like me,when I live out that whole storyas a spectator.It always changes thoughinterrupting the perfect narrativeand instead of just a suddencrash into the sea he over correctsand tries […]

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Ghost everyone who knows your nameif you really want a shot at takingeverything around you and no longerletting it remain the same. Visit stranger’s graves if you noticeno one else does and while reading overtheir epitaph try and unpackwho they thought they were,not the image put there after they were gone. Remain seated through the […]

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Don’t follow but listen forthe mother spiders telling alltheir kids to take smaller bitesof whatever might be tangledin their matrix. There are kids sliding skateboard wheelsunder themselves as if the whole streethad been paved of only ice.They make enough noise for the townto tell them all to quiet downbut they don’t listen to advicegiven by […]

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An old woman just donewith getting her hair dyedcrushes the wire of her umbrellawhen she stumbles stepping downfrom the driver seat of her car.She lands on her stomachin the rain while it continuescoming down on her and soakingthrough her jacket making darknessleave the fibers of her hairas if the weather had a wayof simply aging […]

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