I think I understand what I was missingin the summer, when I left youin that sunset and did the same thingI had done now times before.You had your sweater tied around yourselfsitting in the grass under the dogwood treethe hive made into honey.There is enough money in our imaginationto give everyone a pieceand there is […]

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She thought the music was too happy thereplaying in the mall while all the familiestook up space in all the lines.I couldn’t convince her things had always beendifficult like this just in the waysthat add up more and more severe.We sat together on the marble rimsurrounding water and the change,we all tossed in to make […]

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Walk In

They ask me how I amwhen I am walking into start the normal day,and I cannot sayI wish that I could runaway forever. They call me on the phoneasking why I’ve not been home,or paid the debts I owefrom saving up some time.It gets so easily lostI can’t remember where it is,but some cheap magnifying […]

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All The Weakest Places

Two brothers kick a can down the roadto hear the sounds it makes when draggedagainst the ground in different ways.The trash is at capacity these dayswhen everyone is throwing something outto make it easier to keep on holding in.It’s okay to be the laughingstockin a place that keeps on goingby the gravity of the few […]

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Interlopers hanging out with their bare feethanging loosely from a simple bridgeabove a stream that now was all but dried upfrom the drought. Talking about what broughtthem in as an attempt to try and figuresomething out. Amateur astronauts try and hang themselveswith copper wire at the heights you gainfrom jumping off the Earth.What was all […]

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