Never Ending Music

The morning sky is like an open eye with a fishhook stuck inside and it is bleeding in the form of falling rain. She adjusts the various alignments of her outfit while she runs to catch the train, without a care of where it’s going. Those tracks have only ever gone one way toward heavy […]

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The paint is flaking off the walls even though they keep on getting taller, and out the window in the street the only thing besides the heat is a couple notes from the piano in the main room drifting out beyond the barriers we breach when we are all wore out of being with ourselves. […]

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Economy of Service

She always said she wanted to build up all the money that she could to buy out all the houses that they took away from people who paid their rent to those that didn’t make their mortgage as they promised. All she had managed at the time was a garage that all her friends would […]

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She tears the sleeves off her brother’s old shirt and puts it on to have the feeling she belongs here at this party that her parents threw last minute before she could leave. Old work friends of her dad’s were drinking glasses of beer on the patio and her mother was scanning the stations to […]

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Unplugged phone lines hang like streamers from the trees. Faces no one believes in are carved into the woodwork. Broken Christmas ornaments are eaten like potato chips by cyborgs with their automatic minds. The last family of foxes finishes off the rabbits they caught while hunting in the rain and they know to make it […]

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