The dance floor is an overrated areawhere people go to embarrassthemselves while having fun with it.I guess that’s better than thissketchy ramp I’m standingat the top of looking downat all the splinters it couldgive me without tryingin the slightest. People wake up when they want tothey just never do it quite at the right time.Oversleeping […]

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Her ring is hanging from a chainaround her neck while she is sittingoutside wondering when it will start to rain.It never does it just gets darker,and the pond frogs look for insectsin the light where they all daze aroundthe same old empty coffee cansand pocket change that blendswith all the concrete.Her favorite time of daywas […]

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Skulls still partially coveredin faces now unrecognizedslowly decay in the torrential rainthat’s fallen since it all broke outon Monday an almost destinedconstruct for bringing on this madnessin the first place.Families whisper in their boarded upapartments about the places they allthink they still can run too,but the radio bulbs don’t pick upall the stations. The voices […]

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I almost never clean my glassesthe correct way and I admitthat they are not nowwhat they used to be.I used to see so far and readthe signs without the moneyto be bigger on such old paperthey would always slowly fade.A neighbor sprayed the bird shitoff her garden statues with an old hoseshe could barely keep […]

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I never listen so the best I dois watch sometimes when I amnot lost in investments of my eyes.Blades of grass bent at ninety degreeangles by the others waitingrestlessly to meet up and discusswhere they’ve been going. It doesn’t matter how you holdthe steering wheel as long asall your will is in control of it.Sometimes […]

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