The lights were half on
in the bar where no one left
was going very far
out into anything.
They paid in pennies and dimes
they found along the railing
that was set up to rise
with the incline of the biggest
hill the city ever knew.
Hard candy wrappers hit the sidewalk
on the way back to the places
they were staying at
on notice for the most part
that their time was running out
before their eyes.
There was a rule after leaving
with a girl that you couldn’t look back
into the neon light
that kept the central square so bright
to keep them in their places
meant for doomsday.
Anyone looking for answers
would be sent from terminal
to terminal in various
administration buildings
that all looked so damn boring
it was horrifying.
No one knew anything
besides the useless misdirection
they’d been given as a reason
not to actually put forward
possibilities that even our
most blind could see in color.
You cannot have the one
without the other.

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