The Absent

The ground was covered in crushedoranges that people walking by just sort ofstepped on like they weren’t even there.The acid coated blades of grass like dew,but with something sweeter in the mixmade everything feel different than before. The trees were like these perfect thingsmaking even the most flawed among them seemlike it knew more about […]

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She breaks a wine bottle against the cornerof the post office that they are walking pastthat night after the party. Her friends are adjustingtheir dresses by the bushes that ring with musicfrom the legs of all the grasshoppers. A wolf wanders into an abandoned townwhere a statue of a revolutionaryis in pieces on Main Street […]

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The beginning of her dayis when the morningbecomes the early afternoon,and the yellow leaves have gatheredat the base of all the trees.The shadows castwere always stronger this way, andthe contrast between everything was greaterthan the need to simply seethe empty corners of the room.She waited on a wooden benchfor her friendout on the preservewhere different […]

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Death Ray

Glaciers, like ice cubes in a glass,are cut apart by lasers in the sky.Nobody watching silently on the shore,as the red column of light comes downon the frozen water, has any ideawhat is happening.People get nostalgic when they see somethingtruly larger than they are. It’s probably whythese cities pull us in. The beam penetrates deep […]

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This day is like a paperweight,decorative and barely even functionalsince I don’t work in the wind,but I begin by taking stockof all the hazel mothsthat lurk around the lanternhanging loosely from a hookoutside the window. She stands barefoot on the train trackslike she doesn’t fear the cold at least a little.She bites the end of […]

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