In the sand again I feel it shifting. The weight of one idea over another. An outcome like a burnt tree still standing in its ash encrusted husk. A line of people sit on a pier and wait for dusk when it is obvious which side we all belong to. I don’t want you to […]

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I pick up the cup and watch through its clearness as the liquid moves along the rotating glass. I pour it out over the grass watering its roots with the cheapest stuff the grocery store sells to people like me. People with more debt than money, and more knowledge than sense to apply it. I […]

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Allocated Audio

She was haunted by a song that she could barely hear bouncing off the back wall of her memory. Something latched on when it played for her, but she couldn’t remember when or where she heard it. She scoured all the record stores and every backlog mp3 there was for download. Sometimes there would be […]

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She put in video tapes that skip at every ten minute increment. She didn’t know magnetic tape could skip. The video was of a woman without clothes on in a swimming pool. It seemed like it was decades in the past. She had to make the minutes last because her parents would be returning from […]

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A Spire Built With Many Eyes

She drove an ice pick through the camera above her computer screen, and the forces looking in on her were taken on a ride through the color coded space of misread light. They wouldn’t see another night of her alone where she was unsuspecting, and the screen that lights up everything reflects what she has […]

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