She pulls it from the pile to hold together all that is her world. A collection of papers covered in a sleepless night of work, that had her sitting in the lobby almost dreaming. Silver in a spiral shape that wasn’t circular but still without the corners. She turned it in to just get rid […]

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They all walk along the piled snow and talk about how nothing makes any sense, the jackets that they wear are made out of recycled curtains from demolished old hotels. Some run their saws along the branches of the scattered trees because the shade just isn’t needed in the winter. Drawings of women in ash […]

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Winter gray today with all its luster, I burn the soles of my bare feet on the cold ground of the parking lot. There’s a child’s car seat in the open dumpster facing me and it is covered in dried vomit that almost looks like thick blood. The grass surrounding everything is soaked from the […]

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Her favorite stars and prison bars have all aligned and look just like a smile. She stands on paper ankles that can’t help but sway and today she knows the world can become a talking head that calls to all the galaxies and skies. Working for copper that they churn out for a loss to […]

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What Is Needed

Take up all space no one else is using it, and whose to say it’s not already yours? From up there you could see the whole city; the empty upper apartments to the crowded town of tents that stretched from one end of the street down several others. The cold would thin out all the […]

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