Hypothermic Stowaway

You can look awayit’s okay to be afraidof what is happening.The boat is burning upand you are floatingin the never ending waves.The water is cold enoughto kill you fasterthan the drowningever could,and there you stoodas it was finished sinking under. You know what could be down thereall the creatures in the cornersof the maps and […]

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The car in front of me in traffichas a muffler made of a downspoutyou could pick up at a hardware store.It almost proves that if it worksit isn’t stupid. The kids today charge their cigarettesin the ports on their computersuntil they glow like their supposed toand they lean against the brick wallsof the strip malls […]

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Ladies And Gentlemen

She is standing in his shadowin a shroud that covers everythingabout her, and if she raises her defensesit would only serve to make the moment worse.An unrelenting curse that hasn’t let its gripslip after everything they’ve gone throughup against it. Another on a couch somewheredrinking in her underwearcries tears over the fear she feelsaround him.It […]

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Fire face like a broken place,mountainside unwavering againstthe water slides that try to imitate them.I think I hate them but it kills me to admit thatsince I know it’s just a feelingand a feeling isn’t anything but noise.There isn’t anything here betweenthe liquor stores and people wanting moreof what they barely have.There is a body […]

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She’s like a piece of spider webfloating on the surface of the pondand she is gone again before I lookto see her and remember where I aught to beas something almost permanently caught.This thing we all are held withinis changing like how dancers in a stage showpull their costumes over costumes behind curtainsin the dark […]

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