The rocks are like a clarinetand the open air that movesbetween them is the breathof what I hope is a musicianmaking something for themselves.I pray there’s books of cosmicknowledge on their shelvesthat I could never understandwith the combined and totalwisdom of my ancestorsheld within me and released.I want the window to be openand the sunlight […]

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There’s a flower growingaround the backbone of somethingdead out in the desert wherethe collective wars and nightmaresof the Earth become as realas how it feels to lose your mind.The longest running wayour leaders like to waste our timeby conquering the otherson the outside of the lines drawnon a map that doesn’t showcorrect projection.Birds diving at […]

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Kick Back

I’m afraid that I’ll become like theman empty shell of who I amand cannot be without the world’s permission.I know that it’s a fallacy and there’s reallynothing stopping me but fearand dumb ideas about this paradise.The oasis is an empty bar with justa single patron eating chipswithout a second glass of beer.I don’t want to […]

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Time is like a catfish in its hiding placeimpossible to grab without it biting you.I want to feel the fangs it’s doesn’tshow too often without reasonsin the background of the picture.I always said I wouldn’t miss herall the way back there whereeverything is greener than a mint leaf.Don’t read these lines with a bullshitexaggerated inflection […]

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I rush I out of the building likeit’s falling down behind meand it almost really kind of sort of is.Another name checked off the endlesslist of people in their placesfor the day that I have signed so far away.No one tries to keep me therecaught within the empty stareof others like me on their own […]

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