The Ghosts In Any House

Silhouettes of antennas on the street create a path to the doorway home. There is a can full of paint balanced poorly at the top of the ladder, and no one does anything about it until it falls. We can’t seem to place the exact spot where we left all of skulls we found on […]

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When I Think About The Roof

She liked to sit on the roof when the house got dark in the summertime. It was the sound of the crickets that made her forget to think, and brought her to the brink of her day. It was the only way to get something of value for nothing, and every moment she spent by […]

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Take all your dreams off the shelf and tear the for sale sign in half. No one’s buying them for what they’re worth anyway so you might as well hold onto what you have. Just a bunch of lost people wandering aimlessly arms overflowing with the different hopes they’ve conjured just to stay awake. You […]

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One Night Four Worlds

Amateur pilots draw detailed portraits of the people that hurt them in the sky. They look like caricatures you would have someone sketch of you at the beach. When they’re done they go get drinks with their old friends that are constantly telling them to do something more lucrative, and some drunk girls in the […]

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Knives made out of blue metal cut the raw meat into strips and separate them to different sides of the board. Tin buckets are scattered all over the floor, and a red fish jumps between the few of them that contain water. A song is played on the stretched out gums of an old lizard. […]

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I love the way it feels to fall but only in a retrospective way. It’s one of the only things we have that makes us weightless. Even if we have to hit the ground hard and bite the inside of our lip so sharply that drops of blood stain, our otherwise perfect, teeth. What’s better […]

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The tenants climb over each other using sharp elbows to move people aside. They are all a day late for their payments and will be forced to pay extra for the efforts of the front office. At the end of this endeavor more than one of them will walk back to their room with a […]

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