All Time Greats

I don’t have any fancy tricks
that you were hoping for.
In fact most of the time
I almost can’t say anything at all.
We use blood to paint the walls
And make excuses for the messes
we leave everywhere.
She stole the plate armor gauntlet
from the decorative cabinet
in her grandfather’s basement
and climbed the power line
to grab hold of the wire.
The resulting fire burned down
the whole neighborhood
who never understood how close
they were before it.
The summer would be nostalgic
ribbons and block parties
in July the only time that anyone
could see the sky for what it really was.
Fifty years after, nothing looked
any different but small places
in the corners of the concrete
still wore shadows from that day
when she reached out for what
she knew would take her
anywhere but home
where she had everything
she wanted all the time.

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