Light from no where passes over the wall, and she noticed through the corner of her eye. Bikes with small frames, as dark as gun metal, are driven without fear off the tops of stone staircases. The last helmet the rider ever possessed was incinerated with a lighter, and a old can of hair spray, when […]

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Taking stock of the shots sustained over the course of the night. There is a chorus line on a poorly lit stage, and half of the dancers are drunk. The people at the bar are quiet, but still whispering about the usual bullshit. No one is getting paid enough, and no one is going to […]

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Cupping water out of the stream with their hands and throwing it at each other. Out of breath in the chase, and remembering you have to go home soon. Old shoes sticking to the black top, and you dragging your feet from train to train, until you see it. A statue of a bird with […]

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Sitting around the campfire like different planets around the sun, they took their turns then passed the gun. The hammer kicked back like the jab of a praying mantis, and still they squeezed the trigger. A small pond surrounded by white trees with red leaves, dehydrated hearts hung from thin branches. The edge of a […]

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Falling Short Of Summer

Filling silence at the expense of hours of sleep. The floorboards in the hallway all groan when you walk across them. Dragging a red marker across the dead wall of her old school, she remembers what it felt like to stand in line. The bushes are full of worms wrapping themselves in shrouds to become […]

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Across The Sky

Plans of inaction line the path like stone statues of apes each depriving themselves of a specific sense. We have our own giants in chains beneath the earth, and their freedom is dependent on our capacity for conflict and violence. Inventing new futures using scraps from the past. Like a philosophical junkyard with no care […]

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Over The Sea

Water dripping off the gutters makes a random rhythm that amplifies their thoughts. They hold the cold cans in their bare hands so tightly they are numb enough to vanish. Mud coating their shoes, walking paths on cloudy days, when the rain only falls at night. The tracks left by the dogs are like small […]

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