Addicted to it all we walk alongthe wall around the city that is keepingout the people we’re afraid of.I cut open my plastic grocery bagand let the contents fall outon the floor because I just don’tcare about this weekend anymoreI want the summer.You look at me with your scratchedup sunglasses and saythere is another way […]

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I don’t understand peoplewhen I most need to or why a red skyin the evening is somehow a good thing.I mean, I know it’s meant for those out on the ocean,but what does any of that have to do with me?In this land locked overcrowded swathof the exploited, all the waves we seeare from the […]

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Metal scrapes across metal as a the firecolored sky is all but lost in the processionof the night. The tired backs stretch out withall the quiet time around them,and the different frames before themare the digital equivalent of a reflection.There we can make things permanentand skip over the parts we hope to cutout of our […]

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Far Side Of The Star

Destinations buried in lookalikesget lost in what’s reusedfrom the unfinished placesrotting in the rain. Automatic doors at small conveniencestores get slower over time until you come backafter college and have to look at your reflectionwhile the aging machine moves forward bit by bit.The wine bottles look like they were copiedand pasted across the shelves by […]

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After All This

I’ve seen whole birds torn apartwith just the motion of some lawn mower blades.I wear my shades inside because florescentsjust remind me of the hospital.Yeah it’s true I’ve cut off two thirdsof my fingers in the span of just these lastremaining summers.Although, I’m pretty sure my family treehas been fucking up for centuries.I’ve been to […]

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