Not Ready To Sleep

She asks me to hand her the hairbrush she keeps on the small table at the front of our room, and I get it for her while she looks at herself in our tall but narrow mirror. I remember when I was too afraid to even meet her eyes with mine, and everything about the […]

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Long coats hang on lines that stretch across the rooftops of old duplexes and look like invisible people pacing around above our heads. The old antennas still cast their slanted shadows over the basin where water is routed down the center like a definitive marker for where the two halves of town meet. Little kids […]

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Race Car Bed

The friction between his arm and the red plastic that makes up his race car bed creates blue sparks that reveal the aliens on his movie posters. He couldn’t see anything from his window accept for the fact that it was dark out, and the neighbors across the street had a light on between their […]

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Giant’s Drum Kit

There’s melted Jr. Mints in her mom’s van and they’ve been there since her brother borrowed it to go to the movies last summer. They use mop handles as swords and take out their frustrations on each other. During her softball games her father and two of her uncles stand the whole time; spitting sunflower […]

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There are bricks scattered randomly in the corner of the park where the trees are close together and the sun can barely see. They were left there after the storage shed the grounds keeper kept his tools in was torn apart. There is a humble skate park withing the greater park as well. It didn’t […]

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I sometimes get the names of songs wrong and look foolish when I try to talk about them. She never cleans her car so the finger print I left on her mirror the first time we were together is still there looking back at whoever is driving in reverse. Old haunted buildings breakdown on our […]

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People all around them tell them repeatedly that they respect nothing. They say that all they can hope for is a merciful pinch on the neck that reminds them they never had the upper hand. They punch holes through old bits of hardware they no longer use and attach them to their key chains to […]

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