Zombified in the dark morningwhen it’s cold enough to makeyou run inside, but they won’t let youso you make due with a jacket.All the numbers show up differentthan you thought they wouldlike the wheel understoodthe limits of your luckenough to stop you in your tracksand hold you hostage.Padlocked boxes at the bottomsof local lakes like […]

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The woods here all are decorativesurrounding houses not forgottenbut concealed from almost everyonewho’d find them since they’re lookingfor a reason to come overfor a little while longer.Cell towers that don’t do anything,but act as meet up spots for birdswho can only fuck when fallingfrom the summit, stack upon the horizon as if holding up a […]

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Shaking eyelids in the hallwaywhere the only thing that guides youis your hand against the drywall,so you don’t fall and forgetwhen you wake up now.Your dreams are of nothing but cowsgathering in herds aroundthe base of a tornado; with only hopethat it will throw them past the fences.You’re beaten senseless by the factthe wind feels […]

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I am here for the glare off city windowson my walk home from where I’m working nowwhere fenced in gardens grow straight throughthe blacktop, always proving wrong the great ones.I want to be fake like the peoplewearing costumes holding signsfor deals at stores just days from closing.Abandoned pocket knives redirect raysfrom between blades of grassleft […]

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Do your best not to worry about itanother steep hill covered in variousgravel you can slide down all too easily.Get over the fence quicklyand let the chain link rattlein the night while all those headlightschase your shadow through the side yards.You create static on a family’s televisionby climbing up the antenna to their roof,and look […]

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