Fire face like a broken place,mountainside unwavering againstthe water slides that try to imitate them.I think I hate them but it kills me to admit thatsince I know it’s just a feelingand a feeling isn’t anything but noise.There isn’t anything here betweenthe liquor stores and people wanting moreof what they barely have.There is a body […]

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She’s like a piece of spider webfloating on the surface of the pondand she is gone again before I lookto see her and remember where I aught to beas something almost permanently caught.This thing we all are held withinis changing like how dancers in a stage showpull their costumes over costumes behind curtainsin the dark […]

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Post Authority

Hunger can help sometimesbecause the emptyness is oftenlike an iceberg no one’s seen before,out somewhere in the dark partsof the ocean. I can’t wait for you hereon this empty streetwhere no one livesand the garbage cansare still around for miles. I replace my memorieslike ceiling tiles gatheringup dust and fading structureuntil there’s nothing leftof what […]

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I think I understand what I was missingin the summer, when I left youin that sunset and did the same thingI had done now times before.You had your sweater tied around yourselfsitting in the grass under the dogwood treethe hive made into honey.There is enough money in our imaginationto give everyone a pieceand there is […]

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She thought the music was too happy thereplaying in the mall while all the familiestook up space in all the lines.I couldn’t convince her things had always beendifficult like this just in the waysthat add up more and more severe.We sat together on the marble rimsurrounding water and the change,we all tossed in to make […]

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