Corrupted intuition echos off the earth like the last clap in an apprehensive applause. There’s a rock that looks extremely close to a perfect sphere, resting at the edge of a cliff, and everyone loves it because they’re told to. Strict rules are enforced without any explanation of the reasoning, and on Thursdays they watch […]

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Katana And A Yellow Bike

Broken air conditioners hang out the windows above the alley. There’s a kid cutting up plastic containers with a samurai sword by the dumpster, and there were two others standing by waiting their turn. A girl rides past them on a mustard yellow bike with handle bars as green as pine trees. She spits her […]

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Silver skies above tan silos. Buzzing electrical meters and half assed wiring. She hates when he walks away from her, and he wishes he didn’t have to go anywhere in the first place. Keeping it out of reach is how they are made to run for it. Marching blindly after promises carved nowhere that is […]

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Driving by bonfires and smelling the smoke through the windows. They hack at tall weeds with a dull machete they found in the bark of a tree. Trading punches out of boredom regardless of the occasional blood, and shooting glances at the storm off in the distance. Sacrificial decision making resulting in the degradation of […]

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Blackouts between houses that look the same, but with all the windows rearranged, and small bridges cutting distance over runoff drains. Playing bongos on the sidewalk while others stand beneath the lights and wait in line to get into the movies. People mumbling to each other about the state of the town, while ignoring all […]

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Reconstructing lost people’s possessions to barricade it all away in boxes. Drinking old coffee even though you hate it when it’s fresh because you haven’t seen your dreams for several days now. You eat the mushrooms from the plastic bag in her underwear drawer and stare directly at your reflection in the chrome fridge. You […]

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Won’t Meet Your Eyes

They’re listening to the recordings again, from way back when the sky was almost purple. Taking their time making their way to all the answers that they’ve heard before. Friends caution them against reckless actions                                          […]

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