Long Gone

She feels the breeze on her bare feet and leans back to hold the sun against her neck. Her hair is the color of sand and is tied up with a band as red as the frozen cocktail in her hand. The backyard flowers are mostly dead, but the ones that lived are drawing from […]

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Three people, at different levels of disarray, kneel or lean against the outer wall of where they all return late in their nightmares. There’s a fence between them and the trees meant to keep out all that’s not supposed to be there, but on those smoke breaks with the migrations of the dullest birds above […]

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A cut up cactus lies in pieces in the sand and is overtime completely covered by the land. Roadkill is scraped like ice off the asphalt mostly raccoons and stray dogs left running free. Through the branches you can see the beginning of the other side of town where there is everything you could want […]

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I am waiting on some paperwork out here with my hand around the banister, looking at the moon. The neighborhood is still awake I can hear it very clearly on this step between the first floor and the second. The distant sounds of skateboard wheels pressed rough against the concrete remind me there are people […]

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Meet The Needs

The bells in the church towers are all set to different songs for different gods and different people who believe them. For everyone else there isn’t anything specific left to listen for and they all just blend together out of key and out of step with pleasant sounds. She paints her eyelids and I lace […]

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