Blue Light Filter

I feel like shadeand silence once weremore than friendsbut now pretendthat nothing ever happened.Those cool momentsin the grasson the outer rimof some rundown apartmentcomplex mixingwith the broken bottlepollen wind. Where wanderers watchstocks tick on their phonesso they can cash outat the right timeand make it backbefore the doors close,and the night is cold. Those two […]

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No one watches video tapes of talent showsthey all just sit in cardboard boxeslike the dead do in the momentsbefore burning. The ladle in the metal potis balanced on the rim of itbut wavering severely now,because the whole roomisn’t hungry, they are over it. She leans against the fireplace,that hasn’t been ignitedin a decade, and […]

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The Playlist Knows Exactly

I wake up just to shakefrom dehydrationin the dark roomI’ve been waiting inforever now. My only memory of newspaperis soggy in its plastic bagthat dangles from the door knobin my spinal chord. The parking garage exhalesmorning fog like chimney smokewhere all the windows brokeafter the thunderstorm. The shards of glass in empty roomsare kicked around […]

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