Death Ray

Glaciers, like ice cubes in a glass,are cut apart by lasers in the sky.Nobody watching silently on the shore,as the red column of light comes downon the frozen water, has any ideawhat is happening.People get nostalgic when they see somethingtruly larger than they are. It’s probably whythese cities pull us in. The beam penetrates deep […]

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This day is like a paperweight,decorative and barely even functionalsince I don’t work in the wind,but I begin by taking stockof all the hazel mothsthat lurk around the lanternhanging loosely from a hookoutside the window. She stands barefoot on the train trackslike she doesn’t fear the cold at least a little.She bites the end of […]

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All the youngest said before they got out of the car was,“I just want to hit it out of here, so far that no one ever gets to find it.”They were at the local ballparks on a Saturday after the week was plaguedwith rainy early days. Things were damp but sunny in betweenthe clouds that […]

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Every Person That You See

She was somewhere but I somehowcouldn’t see her in that graveyardwhere she found mewhen I ran away from homeso long ago. When I drove a taxi for a whileI took this thief out to his joband when I dropped him offhe didn’t pay the fare.I didn’t care thoughhe seemed cool enoughand besides I would be […]

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Quiet Side

The pixelated faces in the picture don’tchange anything. Everyone’s aware of whothey were. One of them once told a teacherthat she thought the world neglected allthe wrong things, and this doesn’t reallyprove that she was on to something,but if she was I think that vision diedwith her. Our greatest symbols are used to sell usback […]

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