Since It’s Burning

My stomach is a handle of whiskeystaying just as cold while foxesdrag their teeth along the window glass.Out here in the green burstswhere the earth rocks gentlyon the fingers of the skyI cannot find the lanternsfloating in the local creekwhere frogs all flicktheir tongues aroundand whistle. Target practice in the clearingpast the mismatched truckswith broken […]

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I’m smoking by myself practicing the words that I’m not good at anymore.Oh wait, she’s here too, just like she always is.I am missing herwhile she is right in front of me.I think I’ll remember this as a mediocre view with all the branches in the way, and every fucking bird for miles pulling feathers […]

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I’m sure someone’s grandfather carriedtheir favorite book under their armin World War II,and there was paper there with inkthat never faded in the booming dustof gunfire. I don’t know anything about that.A part of me remembers thoughthe same part that stands up for the anthemat baseball games. The cold beer leavingdark rings on my jeans. […]

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portrait of a people going nowhere

Her shoes are loud just like the ambienceof clouds that bring the waters downto smarten up the blacktop. Eyelash playlists through the white diskspeakers on the ceiling miss our mindslike they are trying to unwind themselves.I like to look at her from far away,but never for so long that it gets creepy,and can I fade […]

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New reservoir(Golden Age)

We have to reach between the thingsthat we’re addicted to like couch cushionswrapped around some quarters you’d beensaving in your pocket.There aren’t many choicesin that vending machine, but in spiteof everything that soda you hear tumblethrough the mechanism finds youunafraid to see your options.Imagine the textures of mountainsideswhen looking past the pastelat the picture you […]

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