If this is really what you say it is
we’ll never have to wonder where were going.
She said to him over the plastic table
at the burger place they both
had gotten tired of.

He was showing her a message
from his friends, she didn’t know yet,
inviting them to almost every party
that was happening that weekend.

They settled up the check
by pinning dollar bills to the table
with a bottle of ketchup
that was almost out of everyting
that made it something useful.

The air was like the breath of someone old
and all the parking spots
were taken by the kids all
skipping highschool in the late
part of the year when rules could bend.

The city traffic didn’t have an end
that they could see while watching every
twisted street out either window.
She lit him cigarettes while he drove
out to the distant towns where
everything was happening
as they cut the distance down
without a sword.

Another Friday night
and they both were bored enough
to end it there, but then they made it
to the crowded house,
with windows and doorways busted out
by the people who did all they could
to hang on to the night.

It lasted longer than they thought it would,
and they were higher than the shoulders
of the sun when they were done.

They found their way back home
with just a small map drawn
in marker on her hand, so she could see it
by the red light of the morning.

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