Weightless troubles can be carried
so much further into photographs
that get taken by whoever needs
the memories. I for one have enough,
although, I can’t tell if they’re the future
or the past. I guess there really is no difference
after everything.

Friends around a table late at night all talk
about how early they have to wake up,
but no one ever starts to make the moves
to leave. A dog retrieves a frisbee from the air
and doesn’t care her owner’s license plate
expired several months ago.
In fact she doesn’t notice it at all.

A group of kid’s street basketball game
comes to a stop when one starts bleeding
from his eye. Both teams surround him
putting pressure on the socket with their palms
while yelling down the street for anyone
to help them.

An old man with no arms holds a shotgun
in his mouth with just is feet.
He’s decided not to go through with it
but now the awkward interlocking
of his crooked toes has made it
almost pointless to let go,
and when he tries to scream
he only tastes the metal.

A dead bird, the color of her mother’s hair,
was broken dead down at her feet,
after a perfect throw put a rock through
it’s hollow interior. Before it didn’t even seem
like it was anything but a target
she had challenged herself to destroy
from a moderate distance,
but now she sees how things are different
when a light is snuffed out early
all for nothing but nostalgia
to survive.

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