A mail truck is embedded in a snow bankand it’s headlights flicker just like blinking eyes.The letters are on fire from the enginethat is too convinced it’s dying to stopburning all the fuel left in its tank.She is watching from her empty streetwhile everyone is dialing their cellphones,and knows that something in that blazewas there […]

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Shoebox Tape #8

In the cold morning they meet out onthe cracking concrete stairsand exhale smoke that’s thickeneddarkly by the temperature.She is driving back tomorrowand doesn’t know if she will evermake it over there again.He doesn’t think about it,and tries to speak of anythingthat could stick inside her mind.They check the time up on the clock towerand know […]

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I guess I’m going home for Halloween againthey spent the whole night looking everywherefor her imaginary friend. There are goodreasons not to talk about the spray painton the ceiling, but it’s the only wayto tell them how I’m feeling.The goats penned out back cut their mouthson all the cans they try to nibble onto get […]

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There’s a girl on the swingsand she’s writing down thingsthat she never wants to look at again.The centralized window on the foreheadof her first house was states awaywhere she would stay inside all dayand never complain. Going insane was never a problem for herbecause she liked to let it out sometimesto see where it could […]

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He’s not her typebecause tonight is justa different kind of night.The placement of the planetslike a spiral spinning outwardfrom the crown jewel justabove where our old moonspins so much slower in comparison.It splits apart into the angelsthey describe in every biblein the real sense not that Renaissancedepiction where the harshnessof their form is stripped away.They […]

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