Chewed Up LEGOs

Mental breakdowns happen all the time. They tell me, anyway, but I know it’s not like that really. The buzzing of a building chock full of old air conditioners seeps out onto the streets and confuses the bugs and the birds. I hold onto memories of holding her, but I know those are nothing but […]

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Window Ice

Give me all the cuts you’ve got stretching out across your palms. I want our hands to line up perfectly when they hold each other. Go out to the woods across from the three rusted silos, back on the old side of town, and try to get the humming birds to notice you. We’ll play […]

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Breathing In The Cold

I am drinking at a bar getting scoffed at for asking too many questions. The T.V. in the corner has grease staining its plastic rim, no doubt put there by an angry patron who threw a sandwich due to the results of a football game. The bartender is a short woman in her forties with […]

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Transparent shapes roll across her eyes while she stretches out her back and reaches upward with her arms like there was something precious dangling above her. Damp missing puzzle pieces swell into soft caricatures of their former selves and no longer fit in with the rest of them. We suppose they could be dried off […]

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Modern Mollusk

People beat each other with pipes harvested from dismantled chain link fences for the attention of the people on the sidelines. The ladies paint their nails paying them no mind and the gentlemen go back and forth to the warehouses where all the metal comes from. It is melted down and shaped into the various […]

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Return Of The Well Hidden

A blast of thunder woke Bill violently from his sleep and his forehead collided with the wooden boards that were just inches above his face. After letting out a series of expletives he moved his eyes around to see that he was sleeping in the dirt beneath something. He could see a band of faint […]

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