There is a woman resting against the bark of a sakura tree with her eyes closed. She is awake but needs a break from all the sunlight. There are tallies marked on the sheath of her sword for the people she has killed along her way. She knows there is a better day ahead of […]

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The traumatic childhood is spent often as a spectator of arguments. Arguments with no point, and no direction anywhere. Aimless rage tossed on each other in wild comparisons to dogs and ragged prostitutes, fascists, and the crazed. The punched wall like a base drum in an endless symphony that plays while sleep is searched for […]

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Everything that’s going on is wrong the wind is getting strong, and I can’t tell which way, between these concrete reaches for the sky, will take me to the place I want to be. She just stands and looks out at the sea, and wonders what is down there and hopes that I am above […]

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Empty plastic bottles, covered in algae and their own melted flesh, float out in the middle of the lake. Her spirit is like a giant net pulling all of them to shore. She digs through them on her knees looking for the ones with messages. The only one she finds is for someone else so […]

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The Tower

Cutting paper into snowflakes while the T.V. lights the room, gray from the static. The floor is a block of ice on their bare feet while they chase the heat of numbing pills locked behind a cage. The jackets there absorb their rage, and they roll around on the floor like rockstars on a stage. […]

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