Defy your breeding by believing
in the orange peels in spirals
on the floor because the acid burns
your fingers if you bite them.
Car keys melted down into metals fists
over the wrists of loners
walking by the wayside where the water
runs so clearly underneath them.

Boys with bad cars offer rides
to girls with bad judgment
and in pairs they all get lost
out on the highways.
All those dark days
looking over all the faces frozen
in the frame by frame collected
from the blast zone.

The cloud is still dissipating from the drop
and this new priming mechanism
has an armament that peels
the bombs like soup cans.
We hold our own hands
when the prayers leak out
our temples and the heat rolls
off our foreheads while we want
what we don’t need and always will.

Another medium to mix with
all the things that kill and circulate
the money through the system.
There is no wisdom here in orbit
where the doors are always open
and the eyes don’t have to move
to catch you staring past
what no one understands.

Here where we bow to what is standard
and make no demands
of anyone who’s sorry.
Well I’m sorry too, but where were you
when something could have
made a difference?

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