The first sign
dangles by a corner
from a rusted nail
that’s way too mad
to fail. It is waiting
there to greet me
on the other side
of the doorway
I have finally found
after all these years
of searching.

You can never go home again,
is what it read in flaked
white letters that were far
too gone from normal to ignore.
This has always been the cost
that I’ve been dreaming for.

Now standing
in this shallow water,
that barely covers
my feet, I take a seat
and know the door
is closed behind me.
How can I see
what isn’t free
locked up in this eternity,
while the beaten down
are slowly getting strong?

Maybe its a side effect
of being here where the doubts
are clear, and the things you think
you know are always wrong.
I submerge my hands as best I can
until I feel what’s at the bottom
and the place I had in everything is gone.

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