The Fight

Sometimes the only way not to get
bit is to let the bugs crawl all over you.
Take all that fear and disgust that sits
vibrating at the bottom of your throat
and channel it into taking control of your
limbs. The centipedes will eventually get
bored of your soft skin and move on to look
for something actually worth tearing into.
Don’t give in to the giants who slam their
massive fists against the ground to shake the
world and scare us into submission. You don’t
serve them you serve yourself, and whoever
else you decide to carry with you through that
sky of yours. The skin on your hands will grow
tougher like armor against their orders. The will
in your chest will catch on fire from the sparks
you create by slamming your skull into theirs.
Time is on your side, and even if it isn’t, don’t
let your mind turn your burdens into suffering,
use them to make yourself magnificent.

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