A girl with black hair and no one to talk to scribbles furiously in her notebook trying to coerce movement from the lines on the paper by flipping quickly through the pages. It works well after a few tries and the loosely sketched dragon devours the more detailed cow in the field, leaving puddles of […]

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The few people I pass by sitting in their crumbling cars breathing warm air into their hands, look at me and can see that tonight is different. I don’t look at my feet like I usually do, and the energy surrounding me is akin to the static in the wind after a lightning strike. The […]

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I see a woman from my doorway painting the side of her house with her hands. She’s wearing a gray t-shirt with no logo and jeans that have a bleach stain in the shape of lake Michigan on the left thigh. It seems strange at first, but my attention quickly shifts when I notice a […]

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Broken windshield wipers make the people drive slowly, and it doesn’t take long for someone to start seeing in distorted blurs to match the refracted mess above their dashboard. It’s hard to hold in when their angry sometimes, so they get drunk and drag around a opossum in a burlap sac. They do it only […]

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Blisters on our hands pop like bubble wrap, and the drive home is filled with clowns that like to lay down in the middle of the road and hope you don’t see them, but we do and are required by law not to give them the satisfaction of completing their joke. Everyone around me wears […]

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