There is a woman resting against the bark of a sakura tree with her eyes closed. She is awake but needs a break from all the sunlight. There are tallies marked on the sheath of her sword for the people she has killed along her way. She knows there is a better day ahead of […]

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How To Sew In The Dark

She stitches together little dolls with bits and pieces of her inside them, and has bad dreams about them waking up and not knowing that they aren’t supposed to be alive. Not that it would make things better for them if they knew this information, it would mainly just make things transparent, which upon further […]

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The few people I pass by sitting in their crumbling cars breathing warm air into their hands, look at me and can see that tonight is different. I don’t look at my feet like I usually do, and the energy surrounding me is akin to the static in the wind after a lightning strike. The […]

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I see a woman from my doorway painting the side of her house with her hands. She’s wearing a gray t-shirt with no logo and jeans that have a bleach stain in the shape of lake Michigan on the left thigh. It seems strange at first, but my attention quickly shifts when I notice a […]

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Broken windshield wipers make the people drive slowly, and it doesn’t take long for someone to start seeing in distorted blurs to match the refracted mess above their dashboard. It’s hard to hold in when their angry sometimes, so they get drunk and drag around a opossum in a burlap sac. They do it only […]

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