Walk On

The overflowing dumpster is the first thing that I see out past my door to this apartment that I never would return to if I could. Acceleration so loud it parts the swarms out in in the streets and all the helicopters up there, to make us scared, are pulled back down to earth with […]

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At a rest stop between the East coast and the West, I call her and tell lies about the scenery. Long stretches of farmland have always reminded her of being young and having nowhere else to go. This is a fact I cannot help but know. In the space next to me a man downs […]

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I watch her drink water cupped in her hands and when she finishes I make sure to look away. Her body curves inward at her center and when she lets me, I put my hands there, and pull her in against my chest. She says there’s nothing I can do, but I continue anyway; saying […]

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The few people I pass by sitting in their crumbling cars breathing warm air into their hands, look at me and can see that tonight is different. I don’t look at my feet like I usually do, and the energy surrounding me is akin to the static in the wind after a lightning strike. The […]

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I see a woman from my doorway painting the side of her house with her hands. She’s wearing a gray t-shirt with no logo and jeans that have a bleach stain in the shape of lake Michigan on the left thigh. It seems strange at first, but my attention quickly shifts when I notice a […]

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