lines that form symbols which turn waves into particles so we can make use of them. They force people to shovel shredded paper, held together with wet pulp from spruce trees, into their lunchboxes. They all walk to their jobs laughing and pointing to pictures of things they wish they had, on their phones. Never […]

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Breathing In The Cold

I am drinking at a bar getting scoffed at for asking too many questions. The T.V. in the corner has grease staining its plastic rim, no doubt put there by an angry patron who threw a sandwich due to the results of a football game. The bartender is a short woman in her forties with […]

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The Fight

Sometimes the only way not to get bit is to let the bugs crawl all over you. Take all that fear and disgust that sits vibrating at the bottom of your throat and channel it into taking control of your limbs. The centipedes will eventually get bored of your soft skin and move on to […]

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Day At The Market

A brother and sister walked down the sidewalk towards a flea market pulling a wagon full of old junk from their shed. Chewed up footballs, plastic pool toys, and a few rusted tools made up the majority of their inventory. They knew they probably wouldn’t get much for all of it, but they wanted ice […]

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No Thanks

You can keep all the golden scales that fall off the back of the dragon you’re chasing. I don’t want to spend my time sharpening spears and arrows without being able to use them myself. It’s easy to sit across from me at a table and say I’m not doing the right thing, but I […]

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The Fountain Pen

Numbers stick to us like magnets on a fridge. Even as we lay in pieces in a pile of rusted cars and melted plastic baby dolls. The scavengers circle over head fighting for minor clauses to be squeezed into the blind corners of mandatory documents. They dip their sharp beaks into the puncture wounds and […]

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Modern Mollusk

People beat each other with pipes harvested from dismantled chain link fences for the attention of the people on the sidelines. The ladies paint their nails paying them no mind and the gentlemen go back and forth to the warehouses where all the metal comes from. It is melted down and shaped into the various […]

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