Window Ice

Give me all the cuts you’ve got stretching out across your palms. I want our hands to line up perfectly when they hold each other. Go out to the woods across from the three rusted silos, back on the old side of town, and try to get the humming birds to notice you. We’ll play […]

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Lines form symbols which turn waves into particles so we can make use of them. They force people to shovel shredded paper, held together with wet pulp from spruce trees, into their lunchboxes. They all walk to their jobs laughing and pointing to pictures of things they wish they had, on their phones. Never once […]

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Breathing In The Cold

I am drinking at a bar getting scoffed at for asking too many questions. The T.V. in the corner has grease staining its plastic rim, no doubt put there by an angry patron who threw a sandwich due to the results of a football game. The bartender is a short woman in her forties with […]

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The Fight

Sometimes the only way not to get bit is to let the bugs crawl all over you. Take all that fear and disgust that sits vibrating at the bottom of your throat and channel it into taking control of your limbs. The centipedes will eventually get bored of your soft skin and move on to […]

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Night Under A Willow Tree

A couple of friends drove to the cemetery with dented shovels and some beer. They used tiny flashlights to scan the headstones in the areas where the moon wasn’t bright enough. Moths would scatter from the grave flowers when they felt the vibrations of their footsteps. The nectar in their stomachs bubbled and sloshed as […]

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