Break Away

Two mountains without snow,
because there low compared
to others that you hear about,
have waited in the distance
looking on.
I try to bring them back again
and cast them against this brick wall
I am faced with almost everyday
when I am not away
and sorry I can’t be there.
Lily pads are never quite as perfect
as they’re depicted almost everywhere
you see them.
In reality they’re never
where they’re supposed to be
and you really almost never
see them occupied by anything but water.
There are no more farmer’s daughters
they have gone extinct like dinosaurs
but we were lucky that we got
the chance to see them.
It took more than a meteor to shake
them off the planet like we thought it would,
but we never understood just how
unspoken that destruction really was.
One day someone at the podium
will finally get tired of the reading words
that everybody’s heard and they will break away.
When that happens and they say what we
would want them to sometime in the afternoon
when everything is red and getting redder.
It will be like your T.V. screen breaking
open from the inside out, and then
their voice will shout,
“Anyone out there take your shot
I’m waiting patiently.”
Nothing will happen and the screen
will go to static.

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