Interlopers hanging out with their bare feet
hanging loosely from a simple bridge
above a stream that now was all but dried up
from the drought. Talking about what brought
them in as an attempt to try and figure
something out.

Amateur astronauts try and hang themselves
with copper wire at the heights you gain
from jumping off the Earth.
What was all that training worth
when faced with the infinity before us?

Sun bleached stop signs knocked over
And forgotten in the street and when she
tries to pick them up they cut her hands apart
but only just a little.
The sun was in her eyes while she drove
home wrapped in the bright middle of the day.

Another warning sign she couldn’t stay away
and all the racetrack noise was inescapable
as was the heat and all the fear about the future
looming over like a cumulonimbus
not constrained by how the pressure
fell upon it like a t-shirt being pulled
over a face.

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