All The Weakest Places

Two brothers kick a can down the road
to hear the sounds it makes when dragged
against the ground in different ways.
The trash is at capacity these days
when everyone is throwing something out
to make it easier to keep on holding in.
It’s okay to be the laughingstock
in a place that keeps on going
by the gravity of the few who
have always taken everything too seriously.
I wish you were here with me
under the rain covered windshield
in this parking spot I have made for myself
in the grass of a field I have no right
being in, but have stowed away anyway
because no one else could care enough
to stop me.
You should always do what makes you free
even when the answer isn’t obvious.
They’ve got it out for us and our jackets
we don’t wear anymore because it isn’t even
cold enough to make the windows fog,
and every dog you see could be a wolf
if just for once it was set free enough
to finally have to see the bleeding artery
of the rabbit that we tore apart
at all the weakest places.

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