Nothing Worth Mentioning

Thinking back to the way that the walls
were all made up of off white bricks, and
the floors were just massive tiles with dust
and pencil shavings between them.
The light was almost green through the
layers of plastic they kept in front of it
to bend it to be more in line with the sun.
Repetitive tasks and the mindset of following
instructions while you did your best with simple
tools was the source of all the rules because nothing
that gets in their way can be good for you.
Biting off the metal part of the pencil that
wraps around the eraser and chewing it so hard
you can feel it bend between your teeth keeps you
day dreaming about what it would be like to actually
do something. The front doors disappear at the end of
the day and an ocean of people wanting any kind of tactile
feeling so desperately; walk like a hoard of nobodies back to
their homes, and have learned nothing worth mentioning
to anyone.

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