Exploring A Beach Front Clothing Store After A Bad Storm

They gather dozens of old jackets
off the floor, and inspect closely
the way times have changed.
The positioning of pockets is
something that apparently goes out
of date in record time, and the fewer
there are in this town the better.
She didn’t know why, but she liked
the way the broken glass from the
front windows looked against the
green paint on her toes.
The money in the register was all
water logged and ruined floating in
pieces in drawers no one ever got the
chance to count.
There was an enormous fur coat in the back
that looked like it managed to stay dry somehow
and he watched her put it on covering up all the
skin her bathing suit didn’t bother with.
She looked at him over the rim of her sunglasses
and puckered her lips for a moment before bursting
out laughing then let the heavy garment fall off her shoulders
and into the rest of the wreckage.

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