Back Lot

Behind the dollar store in the evenings
a group of adolescents liked to step on
old cardboard boxes until they’ were completely
flat, and then smoke cigarettes while making
jokes about their teachers and their parents.
Sometimes one of them would bring a joint
to pass around which they also smoked
regardless of the potential distance the odor
could travel. They were never afraid of having
to run from the police they had done it enough times
before that it stopped bothering them.
The only cop they cared to send after them
anymore was officer Cooper and he was the
fattest among them so they would always lose
him in the woods that began just on the other
side of the street from where they were getting
high. The girls in the group shared lipstick and
passed flash drives of illegally downloaded music
back and forth so that everyone could expand their
libraries. They were getting so vast it would be almost
impossible to listen to all of the songs in one sitting.
That didn’t stop them from trying though out there
on those spring evenings, maxing out the volume on
a Bluetooth speaker and blowing smoke toward the

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