Fiasco With A Rocking Chair

A man who lives in an apartment
across the street from the wing
clipping center throws an old
rocking chair off of his balcony,
and it tumbles in the air three
times until it shatters against the
pavement of the parking lot.
Bystanders just trying to climb
into their cars start yelling long
strings of profanity back at the man
who just ignores them and continues
to take long sips from a bottle of
generic grain alcohol. He walks back
into his domicile, and he could still make out the faint
screaming of the small crowd through the door.
His floor is covered in crumpled pieces of
paper because the letter he’s been working on
has proven to be more difficult than he expected.
He just wants to tell her he is sorry and that he’ll
never bother her again if that’s what she wants.
Of course he was also hoping maybe she
wouldn’t want that, and they could potentially
take a walk somewhere, or stop at a bar some night
when they were both bored. This was all he had
to dream about any more and he knew he had no
right to. That night though when he finally blacked
out his dreams looked like a girl he met in Chicago
with black hair down to her shoulders, and eyes that
were like portals to the other side.

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