She tells us in her black dress that she used to be a little more intense. We rattle off our stories but the words we say just don’t make sense. Can you imagine what it must be like beyond this plastic house and picket fence? They try to tell her where she stands regardless what […]

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Old Chargers

Frayed chargers for outdated electronics fill up drawers in everyone’s houses whether they are opened in the light or in the dark, with all the rest of forgotten transitional periods in time. I can’t find the medium position between being careless and caring so much I become an easy target. We’ve been trained to identify […]

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Opportunity Chaos

Plastic bags in rows and different colors the lights cook the employee’s brains like the meat that spins so slowly in the machine. Everyone is at the window or slowly moving toward the door, as there is death outside and they all want to see. A small blue car crushed under the neon sign which […]

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Walking On Glass

Footsteps against the glass floor distort everything below the people walking briskly to their trains, or cars that wait out by the roadside. It is likely that we will work right up until the end. Nothing saved just a white flash in the sky while an old woman in a paper hat drops a scoop […]

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Two neighborhood bands spend the night in garages wrapped in Christmas lights even though it’s the summertime. They create dissonance as they try to be the loudest and if you stood between them you would feel the push and pull of all reality. The guitar players are doing everything to melt their strings with all […]

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