Seasonal colds make everyone think that they’re dying, but they feel more alive when it happens to somebody else. After the violent phlegm clearing struggles that trickle out in random intervals, we all remember that we live within the mud. A smear of it on some wall we can’t conceive, but still we believe that […]

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An empty neighborhood baseball field with weeds tearing through the sand like index fingers through the membranes of plastic grocery bags. I sit in the bleachers still silver after all this time. An old wooden bat has grass growing through it making holes and removing the varnish. A faded banner for a lost team haunts […]

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A flooded elevator shaft taken over by fish with their dead motionless eyes. The fancy carpet laden with floral imagery, and the Art Deco door frames now fading away into dull featureless wreckage. A hole in the wall tavern where the city would gather and express its angst in vulgar conversations, tight dresses, and music […]

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Particle Comparison

Decaying Pontiacs and Toyotas parked diagonally out of apathy. Dead grass and stray plastic bags no one wants to chase after. The time that passes is not sand in a segmented jar, it is arbitrary particle comparison. Getting paid to be afraid I look at the sky as I walk into another institution, another place […]

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Secret Knock

The late night becomes the early morning, and you’re awake on a bench by the bars. You are watching drunk people shout nonsense at no one before painting the sidewalks with their vomit. The library behind you is dark and empty, not unlike how it is during the day. While Granger’s old place is still […]

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