There is a woman resting against the bark of a sakura tree with her eyes closed. She is awake but needs a break from all the sunlight. There are tallies marked on the sheath of her sword for the people she has killed along her way. She knows there is a better day ahead of […]

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The Line

The whole line halts like a tire spinning in the snow. Someone couldn’t let go and had their hand chewed up by gears in a moment made of thoughtless ambiguity. Over twenty years doing the exact same thing and now with one mistake he was as useless as the meat in the machine. There was […]

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You know where to find me, out here playing harmonica in the echo of the stone pavilion. Your multi-colored eyes shifting with the notes you taught me while we waited by the train tracks. I remember when I cut my hand trying to pry that lock off the rail car. You ripped some fabric from […]

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She tells us in her black dress that she used to be a little more intense. We rattle off our stories but the words we say just don’t make sense. Can you imagine what it must be like beyond this plastic house and picket fence? They try to tell her where she stands regardless what […]

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Old Chargers

Frayed chargers for outdated electronics fill up drawers in everyone’s houses whether they are opened in the light or in the dark, with all the rest of forgotten transitional periods in time. I can’t find the medium position between being careless and caring so much I become an easy target. We’ve been trained to identify […]

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