Feeding Ground

A cardinal picked at the eyes
of a dead chihuahua
before deciding there were
better things to eat.

I heard those birds ate anything
but I guess even the laid back
have their standards
when there’s so much
they can choose from.

She tried the suit on
first below deck
leaning closely toward the mirror,
still caught between decisions
of who she wanted to become
since it was summer.

They sank out past the drop off
and her long hair disappeared.
They spent entire seasons searching
for the wreckage, but it was already decided
there was nothing left but foam,
and empty ghosts still deep in shock
that it was over.

Back to the dog though,
as I mentioned,
it was dead and mostly gone
out on the sand so hot
it dreamed of being glass.

Some people found it there so horrified,
after wading in the shallows,
but the water never quite did
get a hold of it.

It was the perfect little
feeding ground
for flies.

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