No Such Place

She held the pipe for me
while I tucked my shirt in on the patio
and the flower burning slowly
left an ashy ring on everything it covered.

My coffee headache sickened me
and left me almost useless the whole morning.
Up and down the stairs to offices
with ceramic mugs and excess pens
for everyone.

The lost prayed in the back bay
by the dumpster full of blown out tires
deflated like the faces of the followers.
The prime time line up
stoked anticipation everywhere.

We cared about the carpet stains
and spinal pains erupting from
our not yet paid off mattresses,
the dreamless sleep kept all those nights
so peaceful.

If someone offered me another chance
I think I’d probably turn it down.
I’m almost over all my bullshit
same as everyone.

You could stack the quarters that have
gone through that old Dig-Dug cabinet
From the parking lot outside
up to the point where our whole atmosphere

It made the mental picture perfect
when I took some time in orbit,
and waved at only the midwestern states
that barely saw me anyway.

Over a cooling pizza on a metal pan,
she listed off the reasons we should
leave everything and start again
where it was always fall.

I held her hand while I explained
that there was no such place,
and she should just forget it
while all the others in the restaurant
ignored each other.

Outside it was overcast.

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