In The Event You Wind Up Missing Me

Break the glass any glass
and grab hold of the velvet curtain
drooping from its place up in the rafters.
Stare off into the orange sky
where the billboards just get paler
in the glow of it.
Forge paperwork
and make it look like all escaping
prisoners, in their khaki shirts and blue jeans,
hopped the fences silently.
Forget the lessons that don’t apply anymore,
so they cannot weigh your mind down,
like so much water
in the baseboards of my mansion.
Take your shoes off and throw them
like grenades over the nearest telephone wire,
and then look up to try and memorize
the cross streets.
Don’t search for me in the packed crowd
leaving a baseball game in some city
where the wasted time becomes a kind
of creature, I will not be among them.
Hold an ice shard in your hand until
the edges soften and evaporate
then simply meditate
on all the running water.
Don’t forgive me for anything
but take my continued absence
as an invitation to be vigilant
in finding me. Tell me all the ways
I didn’t make good on my promises.
And please, forget about the aluminum
old school lunch box I would carry with me
It became just like a piece of me
after so many sandwiches and sodas,
and even now that I am buried with it,
my finger bones just will not
let it go.

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