I’m smoking by myself practicing the words that I’m not good at anymore.
Oh wait, she’s here too, just like she always is.
I am missing her
while she is right in front of me.
I think I’ll remember this as a mediocre view with all the branches in the way, and every fucking bird for miles pulling feathers free.
The last chance for the loudmouth not to get tossed out on his ass again for swearing
at the wrong team at a football game.
I can bathe my eyes in light through any night
and still be on my best behavior Monday.
However, someday they will melt away,
another skeleton in a skyscraper
with the windows open.
It is preposterous that anyone would do this.
Sitting here with their feet up telling you
what’s what, flicking ash in your face,
screaming into the microphone.

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