Icicles hang like hunted game
off the street lights and refract the colors
out into the spectrum.
I can tell you just how long ago summer
ended but it always feels like things
are changing suddenly.
I know the thermos in her cup holder
is about more than just caffeine
but extra warmth that spreads
throughout her as if the heat could
be escorted by her blood flow.
There are more things that I don’t know
than I’ve been proven right before
because there is no prophecy in destiny
just the constant coin flips adding up
the outcomes while the metal spreads
it’s scent over our fingertips.
The radio sounds like a ghost on the low
frequencies where all the oldies play
while the rocking chairs all sway
out in the wind somewhere at sunrise
when the whole sky isn’t night or day
but different from the words we try to say
to make our sense of it.
My shoes are falling apart in the important
places while a helicopter hovers over
all of us for reasons we aren’t loud enough
to know, but then it goes and just gets smaller
in the background out away from us
until it’s just another figment in the distance.

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