I don’t know anybody here
besides the deer that lurk like watchdogs
by the daffodils and drink the stagnant
water in the driveway puddles.
I’d know her anywhere though,
with pale fingers looking up
a detail about escalators she hadn’t
unraveled yet, and seized upon the power.
You allocate the base bricks
of a tower first to keep the order right
and pinnacle progressing toward the sky.
To see movement in the stillness
of a playground burnt so jagged
to the ground. With all the rusted off
footholds on the jungle gym
now thorns of some metallic blooming flower.

The stapler clicks against your thumb
and it is numb
until the bleeding starts and the film
beneath your slowly drying eyelids
begins to part and let the light pretend
that everything is easy.
I wish it was sometimes, like bridges
over rivers keep the world alive.
It doesn’t take much to find a turquoise stone
in the gizzard of a duck somewhere so stupid
eating crumbs of bread and fucking,
but when you find it and remove it
all the others swimming near you then will
swarm to get some vengeance
for their destiny.

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