Bad T.V. shows get endless episodes
and block the sight lines at the airport
where you can cough into a napkin
and get tackled by security for almost
every single reason you can think of.
I support that in a way I guess
because who wants more people
more places? It’s crowded enough
already and getting more and more
closed in with every New Years Eve
and birthday you don’t celebrate.
I guess, I don’t really mean
people shouldn’t broaden their horizons
through some travel, but it is more about
the parts of that which aren’t the most
informing of the spirit.
Like the baggage lines and crowds
around old monuments and priceless points
of history fenced off so far from us
with slots to slide our credit cards,
and feed machines our grossly crumpled coupons.
I want every single grocery store to melt
into the parking lot surrounding it
like ice cream on the same surface
only solid in its slowly sinking center.
Maybe then the grass could grow back
and there would finally be a place to
try some gardening;
tomatoes maybe, peppers, and some

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