Awkward Heaven

I give up on the graveyards I’ve reduced
my barren mind to just to cope
with all the smoke instead of fire.
I don’t know where the ticking is but
somewhere in the hallway walls are bombs
I haven’t dug enough to disarm before
the clocks all fall to zero in that digital
yet flickering connection.
Most places people go all day are pointless
but the things said in the gaps
of the procedure are why we’re really here
and going round the orbit we’ve been tracing
since with blurry eyes we gave in to the skies.
I don’t judge the guy who’s had too much
and just cannot keep his shirt on
if it killed him because I’ve been him
many times before and almost even more
than I remember.
If there were to be an uprising why not
start it off this fall when it is cool enough
to just wear simple jackets
you can move in; climbing trees and digging
bunkers in the patch of trees divided
by the highway.
Our current formula for two long destined
deaths, the first of body and the second
of its memory, is flawed in fact the whole
conception of an ending point
is really just another kind of heaven
without the awkward hugs from people
you were here with.

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