Behold the daily latent entertainment
that we watch play out on our palms
like there’s a future
there to look toward if we want to.
She isn’t picky about the clothes she buys,
for dollars under what everyone is paying,
and never listens to what’s in right now;
she figured out who she was from the get go.
She doesn’t organize the inside of her eyes
it’s all just everywhere within them
making everything around her from
the light that gets behind sometimes
when she’s quiet and her blinking slows
a little bit.
There’s a dog out pissing on everybody’s flowers
like there was competition for the privilege
left to do so.
Someone probably drove in from another town,
and made that poor thing someone else’s
problem, but these are sins that aren’t
forgiven just for nothing.
She drew graffiti when she was younger
and her masterpiece was a billboard
full of phone numbers you couldn’t quite
make out because they got lost
inside the others making all of it so
meaningless and full.
Both sides of the earth pass the moon
and sun between them when their finished
with the different kinds of sky.
Her mother stood where she is standing now
and from this angle you would think
they were the same. It takes a frame
sometimes to siphon off what’s precious
in a moment before it’s luster disappears again,
and sinks away so quickly like a wedding ring
cast out into a lake like it was bait
for something too far gone to
almost even notice.

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