New bosses replace old ones,
but there’s always someone
telling you what you should do.
What’s your saving grace
from outer space that shows up
through the telescope to tell you
something you already knew
but didn’t want to unpack further
because in doing so you’d have
to let things go?
If there are angels in the snow
there must be demons also
but the shapes they make
don’t translate quite so easily.
I don’t know anything about
most of my own hemisphere
and maybe that’s on me,
or is there something they don’t
want us all to see?
My perfect idea of a mother
is like a sculptor in the act
of shaping clothing on the bodies
of their subjects.
Taking something so unyielding
and providing it the space
to show its softness.
This is not the only aspect
but it’s one I thought
deserved a highlight here
while I am saying things
to hopefully makes sparks
between the paper and your eyes.
Since all these high res screens
are really just the whole book in disguise
without the paper cuts and shelves
that make it cumbersome
and impossible to thrive.

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