A commercial selling a commercial
to the advertisement generating androids
on the transport we called a train
back in the older days,
when everyone was still around
and breathing in the oxygen like fire.
Another round of who’s the greatest
liar takes us nowhere but the hammock
in the backyard where it’s so easy
just to doze off and forget about
the problems that make us all so tired
in the first place.
The front line of protesters pick up
the spewing tear gas and drink it
like they’re downing cans of beer
to create fear behind the plastic shields
in front of them, but this is really
just so obvious and lame.
A jackass bites the fingers off a five year old
at a petting zoo in Pittsburgh,
and the father kicks the absolute
shit out of it while the kid cries
and the mother dies of panic.
No one gets sued over it
but the idea here is just generally
we have no idea what’s eating us at all.
I imagine satan got pretty bored during the fall
and passed the time by scrolling through
his twitter feed that hadn’t even happened yet.
Boy am I sure even he regrets allowing that
to flourish like it has been
and of course we all know newness equals fear.
She tells me this was the best night out
she’s ever had and doesn’t want
to go inside without me,
well I’m sorry but tomorrow
is September first in 1939,
and I know for you it hasn’t happened yet,
but the whole world’s about to get
pretty crazy in the next few days,
and stay that way for almost half a decade.
So I’ll see you in the future when you’re old
and barely holding on, and I am still
the same way I am now,
and you can tell me then just how perfect
this night was for you, if that’s really true.
After all the orbs of fire from the falling bombs
replace the burning light deep in your eyes,
and the lies all add themselves up when it’s over.

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