Don’t follow but listen for
the mother spiders telling all
their kids to take smaller bites
of whatever might be tangled
in their matrix.

There are kids sliding skateboard wheels
under themselves as if the whole street
had been paved of only ice.
They make enough noise for the town
to tell them all to quiet down
but they don’t listen to advice
given by cowards.

The light rain doesn’t soak in
like the heavy stuff, I now am
more than used to.
It’s hard to just enjoy the view
when every lit up window
is a person who is looking
for a reason to go
anywhere but there.

I imagine all of us spiking
paper airplanes straight down
at the concrete where the water
left would melt them all together
like a spit ball self inflicted on the city.
It would mostly be disgusting
but in a sick way also
almost kind of pretty.

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