She has a tattoo of the preamble
on her forearm like just saying
We The People
is enough to have the right
to speak for everyone.
I know it takes a loaded gun
to get anywhere in history,
it isn’t quite a mystery
but in my book there are
exceptions to most everything.
When they come out with
the virtual reality version
of the moon landing tapes
I think we’ll start to see the world believing.
There is a moment in the evening
when the grasshoppers stop their playing
and decaying so much faster than
the rest of us and listen to the earth
for their new music.
I don’t want to be angry at the people
in their shadows with the masses
at their backs telling everyone
the way things are
in a condescending tone they’ve since
gone deaf to.
I wish I didn’t just react
to things I see as blind attacks
against what isn’t me
but likes to take the reins sometimes
and speak for me.
Hour glasses are limited
in their keeping track of time,
but still they symbolize it totally,
and when you turn one on its side
you have infinity.

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